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Expats in Spain wishing to buy a used or nearly new car have a number of options when it comes to looking for a vehicle on the second hand market, all this includes private sellers and specialised companies such as Aboutcars. Please note that in order to buy a car in Canary Islands, you must have a NIE/NIF Number. Here you can read more about buying a car in Spain.


Buying a used or nearly new car from a private seller is certainly a possibility for expats in Spain and it can be a great way to ‘bag a bargain’; however, you should bear in mind that there is no warranty on the car, and that you may need to arrange the sale of your old car.
There is no help with financing or tax and transfer fees, so the car buying process becomes very much a do-it-yourself ordeal. Buying a car from a private seller involves you and the seller entering into a joint legal relationship and handling all the paperwork yourselves.
Once the sale is agreed, the seller provides the following:

  1. Permiso de Circulación and the Ficha Técnica ( Vehicle registration document )
  2. Proof of ITV (MOT)
  3. Receipt for municipal vehicle tax
  4. Personal identification such as an NIE/NIF card (plus photocopy for the buyer)

The buyer and the seller each sign a Contrato de compraventa (a purchase agreement), and make the transfer of ownership at the Traffic Office. The buyer and seller fill in and sign the Solicitud de Transmisión, as well as making a copy of the document. You are strongly advised to ensure that the date and time of the sale are incluided on the sales contract, along with the car details, so that any traffic fines the seller has incurred and left unpaid are not passed on to the buyer. Also keep a receipt for the payment of the transfer tax (4-8%). This transfer tax is often paid by the BUYER so add this to the expected purchase price. The tax is calculated by the Traffic Office and NOT negotiable. It is calculated on the value of the vehicle. Generally speaking, if at the start of the negotiation process you have checked that the original documents for the car seem to be in order, and correspond to the ID of the seller, you can normally assume that the sale is being made in good faith. Just doing this will detect the majority of con tricks however. If a seller cannot produce all these original documents in his own name, then be very careful it may be better to look else where!


What are the advantages of using us when you buy a car in Canary Islands ?

  1. Years of worry-free driving. When you buy a used car from us, we carry out an extensive technical check. This is your guarantee for a reliable car and years of pleasurable driving. You also have the reassurance of our excellent breakdown service. (should you need it)
  2. Our service enables you to input your own purchase requirements ‘eg’ age, mileage and class of vehicle, plus duration of guarantee. We then offer you a selection of cars which match your data and the choice is yours!
  3. Free test-drive. Browse through the range of vehicles on our website, select your preferred model and we will arrange a free test drive.
  4. Favorable finance. We can arrange a finance package should it be required, please ask for details. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective Aboutcars can be.

We understand the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to register legal documents in a foreign language when you buy a car in Spain. With this is in mind, rest assured that every car price and subsequent purchase made from Aboutcars includes the following as standard:

  1. TAX paid on the purchase
  2. Vehicle re-registered in new owner´s name
  3. Road tax and minimum 1 years ITV (MOT)
  4. All documentation filed with the relevant government departments
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