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Aboutcars where buying a car is hassle free, and the best customer service is guaranteed.


Since Aboutcars was established in the Canary Islands, our customers have been our primary focus. We consider all the important factors to help you decide whether to buy a new, nearly new or second-hand cars in Canary Islands, and what after-sales service you, the customer expect.

Aboutcars was established in the Canary Islands in 2004 by the owner Wieberen Poelstra. Wieberen has worked in the car trade for 25 years and has vast experience in this field. He is a qualified engineer in the automotive industry. With all this experience and knowledge, Wieberen set up a new concept of selling nearly new used cars in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Aboutcars is a multi-language organisation, with English, Spanish, German and Dutch the main 4 languages spoken. Aboutcars works closely with selected approved service centres across the Canary Islands to give the customer a careful balance between quality, service and price. All cars sold through Aboutcars come with up to 2-years Warranty which is the customers guarantee that the they can be 100 % sure that the vehicle is of high quality and will be reliable for the future. Aboutcars supplies all models of second-hand cars in Canary Islands including Ford, Volkswagen, Seat, Hyundai, Opel, BMW, Citroen, Mini, Fiat, Nissan, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Kia, Renault, Mercedes, Lexus, Land Rover and many more. We sell all types of vehicles, Passenger cars, Jeeps, SUV, 4 x 4, Vans, People carriers and Campervans.


By creating a careful balance between quality, service and price, Aboutcars can find the perfect car (used or new) for each and every buyer. The result: the best value for money in every car class.


Quality and reliability are essential when buying a used car. When you buy a car from Aboutcars, you can be 100% sure that the vehicle has been thoroughly tested and passed vigorous quality checks.
The results: years of worry- free and pleasurable driving.


All Aboutcars certified cars have been meticulously checked, therefore the possibility of break down is minimal.
All maintenance services and any warranty repairs need to be done by Aboutcars Approved Service Centres

THE ADVANTAGES: Aboutcars is a new and dynamic concept for buying second-hand cars in Canary Islands.


  • Years of worry-free driving.
  • When you buy used or Second-hand cars in Canary Islands , we perform an extensive technical check.
  • This is your guarantee for a reliable car and years of pleasurable driving.
  • Specify your own purchase requirements, our package enables you to specify age, mileage and type of vehicle, plus duration of guarantee. 
  • We then offer you a selection of cars which match your data and the choice is yours – no pressure! Free test-drive.
  • Browse through the extensive range of vehicles on our website, select your preferred model and we will arrange a free test- drive.
  • Car Insurance available.
  • We can arrange a finance package should it be required – please ask for details. 
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective Aboutcars can be.
  • We understand the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to register legal documents in a foreign language for a car purchase.

    With this in mind, rest assured that every car purchased from Aboutcars includes the following

    1. Name Transfer TAX paid on the purchase
    2. Vehicle re-registered in new owner´s name and any outstanding debt and fines cleared from previous owner.
    3. We can offer 1 year ITV (MOT).
    4. All documentation filed with the relevant government departments

  • My name is Stefano Marchetti and I´ve lived in Fuerteventura for the past 10 years. I am the owner of “Buena Onda”, a bar in Corralejo. 8 months ago, I bought a 2006 Mitsubishi Montero 4×4 from About Cars. I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and efficiency of the service they provided and I always recommend to any of my clients who are considering purchasing a vehicle, that they get in touch with About Cars.Stefano Marchetti Surfbar / Buena Onda - Corralejo
  • We´ve been in Fuerte for 10 years now. Two years ago, we purchased a VW Transporter from Aboutcars and are very pleased with the quality of service we received. I would recommend Aboutcars to anyone who is looking for a good quality car.Benjamin Rostoll / Cafeteria Pastelo - Lajares
  • During the past 5 years I have bought 2 cars from About Cars and have been completely satisfied with the level of service provided, both in the purchase of the vehicles and in the aftercare. The cars have been supplied in perfect condition and with all paperwork complete so that the whole process has been hassle free. The aftercare assistance provided by About Cars has extended way past the warranty period and I would have no hesitation in recommending About Cars to anyone considering buying a car in Fuerteventura.Mike Goldsmith Corralejo
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