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Terms and conditions EN

Terms and conditions

1-Information that the Terms and Conditions section must contain:
• Price and taxes (for example, IGIC included or excluded.)
• Shipping costs. For free for all the Canary Islands
• Delivery dates. Monday till Friday•Guarantees. 1up to 2 years Warranty
• Return terms Car can be Returned in 24 hours afther the day of purchase, and can be changed for one other car thatAboutcars would have for sale
• Additional costs Road tax and car insurance
• Customer service. On email info@aboutcars.es 7 days a week 8:00 til 16.000
• Method of payment. Payments can be done by online banking

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Buy your car online at www.aboutcars.es. Select the car you would like to buy and fill out the contact form. We will contact you shortly afterwards. Pay the reservation deposit for the car you have selected through an online payment. Select an Aboutcars online insurance quote. Your car will be delivered at the door of your house with the truck delivery service.

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