Guaranteed Used Cars for sale

If you buy a car in november you receive the following:

1. The first and 2º maintenance check for FREE.
2. Warranty on the car for the first 20000 kilometers.
3. Changing the name of the owner of the car for FREE.

The new website will make it people easier to search for cars. You can browse by feature, manufacturer and more or do a specific search for a car you want. You can also sign up for our newsletter. You will receive regular news and offers in your mailbox. Enjoy our new website!

About Cars makes everybody happy, on all the used cars sold in September & October:

• 2 Years warranty included
• brand new radio included
• Name change and 2 years M.O.T incluided
• Compleet maintance service for free.

6 Years quality used car sales on the Island of Fuerteventura

On all the used cars sold during this period About Cars offers you:

 2 beach seats + a parasol + a coolbox
• 2 years waranty
• 2 free maintenance services
 And the nexth M.O.T for
You would be smiling too!

On all the used cars sold during this period, About Cars offers you:

• A complete free car cleaning package
• 2 years waranty
• 1 free maintenance service

Drive your way with About Cars, safe and clean!

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